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Carts and Orders

Hello Guest, this checkout wizard will explain the shopping process and help guide you through it. Shopping with the Furball Productions Inc is very easy. You start here in the store, and add items to your virtual shopping cart, and when you're done, you go the cashier's and "check out" (here), and pay for your order and tell us where you want your items shipped, and recover your download keys.

There's a "checkout" link at the bottom of every page in our store, and there's also one in your Order Status menu in your User Console, so any time you're ready, you can click there and check out with the current contents of your shopping cart. We track your shopping status based on what's in your cart, and whether you currently have an open order. Those are the two numbers you see above, your current cart ID, and your current order ID. If either of those numbers are non-zero, it means you're a registered user and you've been shopping!

If you see a cart listed on the left, it means that you've entered our store at least once, and you may have been shopping but you haven't been to the checkout stand with this particular cart yet. There's no limit to the number of items you can have in your cart at once, so, feel free to shop to your heart's content! When you're ready to check out, you can do so here, or simply click on one of the many "checkout" buttons on our pages.

Carts have "line items", which are the items you purchase in our store. Each line item is for a single item ID, and it contains the quantity of the item you put in your cart. So for example, if you bought two t-shirts of the same kind, you would see one Line Item in your order, with a quantity of 2, indicating that you have 2 total items in your shopping cart. You can choose the quantity of each item when you add it to your cart. And, you can change it any time, by using the "View Cart" functionality, and clicking on the Change buttons.

You can shop while you're doing other things too, and the contents of your cart will remain perfectly safe while you're away. You can even begin the checkout process and then stop it in mid-stream and begin another round of shopping with a brand new cart! If you do that, then you'll see both a cart and an order listed above - the order will be the one that's in checkout, and the cart will be the one you're currently shopping with.

If you see an order listed on the right, it means that you have a purchase that's still in the middle of the checkout process. It's an "unfinished order", or, an "open order" (use your User Console to see the details of your Open Order, by clicking at the top right of the screen, where it says your name). You can only have one open order at a time. So, before you can check out another shopping cart, you'll have to clear your "open order queue" by finishing the checkout process on your current order.

If you have both an order and a cart, and you're trying to check out your cart and it isn't working, it means you have an unfinished order that still needs to go through checkout. That order will be the "Order ID" you see on the right, above. You can find out all about that order, by clicking here, and pressing the "details" button. Then, you can choose to complete this order by finishing the checkout process, or you can cancel the order entirely by using one of the many "cancel" buttons on our checkout pages.

If you wish to retain your order, we recommend that you check this order out immediately, so your order queue can be cleared and your cart contents can be emptied for the next order. You can check out here, and when you're all done, then you'll probably want to check out again with the contents of your current shopping cart (that's the one on the left, above).

And finally, if you have neither an order nor a cart, it sounds like it's time for you to go shopping! A cart will be automagically created for you when you select your first item, and when you check out, your cart will be converted into an order.

The one and only point at which our process may seem confusing, is when you're on the very first checkout screen. That's the one, where your cart is being emptied and converted into an order. If you cancel your order at this point, you will retain the contents of your shopping cart! If you cancel at any other point in the checkout process, you will no longer have a shopping cart, and therefore you cannot retain the contents. Think of it, exactly like being in line at the checkout stand. As long as you have your cart and it's not completely empty, you can back out of the line, and take your cart and continue shopping. But once your cart is empty, and the cashier has your items, then your cart is gone and you can't get it back. So, the behavior of our checkout screen is perfectly logical, when you think about it that way. Just remember - cancel there, on the very first screen, and your order will change back into a shopping cart, and you'll see all your original items in it. Cancel later, and your cart is gone, and then your entire order will be cancelled and you'll have to start all over again.

That's it - that's all there is to it. Shopping is delightfully fun and easy, just click on any of the items in our store when you'd like to purchase them, or to get more information about them. The only time you'll need to pay attention is when the internet decides to disconnect you in the middle of checkout or something - and in that case, come here to the Checkout Wizard, and you can see your cart and order status at a glance, and read about how to proceed.

Click here to start shopping!

Historical orders, can be viewed here.

You can see a list of order statuses and their meanings, here.

We keep all the information for your orders and purchases, and you can view your order history and status at any time by clicking here. We even keep historical shopping-cart information, but there's so much of it that we prefer to unburden our file system and keep it off-site. There should be no need to recover shopping cart history, but if there is, you can contact our support team here, and they'll be happy to assist you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support staff, or visit our help center here. And please feel free to contact our webmasters or our corporate headquarters here. We hope you have a pleasant shopping experience in our stores, and Thank You for shopping with us!

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